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'Wash and bathe' for washing equipment'

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-26
'Wash and bathe' the laundry equipment has been used for a long time, and the internal environment is very humid. After being idle for several days, a large amount of mold will breed. The longer it is used, the more opportunities for internal breeding of mold, people if the long-term use of mold washing equipment to wash clothes, it is possible to produce cross infection, causing a variety of skin diseases. Therefore, the washing equipment should take a bath regularly to keep it clean. At the same time, after a washing equipment has been used for a long time, if it is not cleaned in time, the water will slowly become muddy and the rinse will not be clean. Over time, the clothes to be washed once will cause pollution. should also often 'wash and bathe' it, which is not only beneficial to the maintenance of washing machines, but also responsible for the health of family members. It is understood that the inside of the washing equipment looks very clean, but because there is also an outer sleeve on the outside of the washing tube, the washing water enters and exits between the two cylinder walls, and the water is discharged in the interlayer, if you pull out the laundry tube and have a look, you will see serious dirt in the interlayer. The dirt in the interlayer of the washing equipment is mainly composed of garbage such as scale, free laundry detergent, fiber, organic substance, dust, bacteria, etc. These hodgepodge are firmly attached to the interlayer of the washing equipment, reproduction and fermentation in normal temperature will pollute clothes and bring them to human body during laundry, and even make people feel itchy and allergic. How do you 'wash and bathe' the washing equipment? You can pour the water descaling agent used in the three-water pot into an empty container, prepare the descaling agent and water according to the ratio of 1 to 2 and stir evenly, and pour the mixed descaling agent solution into the detergent adding box, then press the power switch of the washing equipment to set the program to 'washing Program '(The longest time selection), Make the laundry drum rotate; After the descaling liquid is discharged from the drain pipe to the barrel, the discharged descaling liquid is added from the detergent adding box, and repeated many times until the program is finished, open the filter and clean the filter. However, due to the effect of the detergent, the surface of the washing machine drum will be slightly dark black, but it will not affect the normal use, and the clothes can be restored after washing several times.
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