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Washing equipment basic washing steps and procedures

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-21

the first is the fabric evaluation is mainly to the clothing color, texture, structure to do the necessary tests, including color depth, seam type, the color of sewing thread, metal accessories, pulp species etc. In the clothes before washing to be done before washing clothes don't live to some parts of the fixed, cover available network, so as not to wash clothes in the process of phase winding, in order to achieve the effect of wash and wear uniform. Such as washing the pants, pants with cords, two legs with glue needle or otherwise don't together with each other.

1, flush

the purpose of the flushing is a wet cloth grass, 2 it is to remove water-soluble dirt. Water is the largest universal solvent, dosage of water to wash in the water can dissolve the dirt is no need to use other detergent to wash.

2, prewash

prewash aims to, dirt, loose, give priority to wash to prepare. In this step to add appropriate lotion beforehand. More commonly used include wetting agents containing detergent, acid or alkali, and the corresponding solvent.

3, the main washing

the main purpose is to remove dirt.

4, bleaching

the purpose of bleaching is to get rid of the spots, leaves after dirt removal and increase the ornamental grass cloth. In this step also exist some misunderstandings. Some think bleach can clean role and optional add, some in the water level and temperature to set temperature when they join, some have not wash clean cloth grass not analysis reason, bleaching, some users of bleaching is an important link of linen recognition degree.

5, water

the purpose of water is in front of the program into the detergent to wash the dirt all over clean. Some laundry that number will be cut casually, or even less than water, but use some neutralizer to residual alkali neutralization.

6, post-processing

the purpose of the post-processing is a wash cloth grass according to the different USES of the physical and chemical treatment to achieve the use requirement of linen. Such as is in order to make the linen and ph value is close to the human body skin ph value, thereby increasing patients with comfort. Is to make soft cloth grass increase contact feel and see and have anti-static function. Sizing is to strengthen a linen width and ornamental.

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