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Washing equipment - hotel Hotel linen pigment class cleaning stains

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-06

as people living demand changes, the function of the washing equipment ascension is hotel industry service one of the key parts in ascension, one class hotel linen pigment besmirch how to clean, reduce the cost of washing process of linen. At the time of use water to wash hotel equipment washing, the selection of water quality, function and washing operation process, and many other factors will affect the degree of clean class pigment stains. Recommends using hotel washing equipment, reasonable reference to the use of laundry equipment requirements and hotel stains dissolve rule to reasonable washing clothes.

hotel washing equipment washing items stains are rarely exist alone, they are often a variety of stains are mixed together, together with the clothing fibers, and with the passage of time, to the outside world under the influence of many factors, these stains will happen, aggregation, and microbial oxidation decomposition, resulting in the chemical and physical properties become more difficult to clean the dirt.

class pigment stain points according to solubility and source, mainly can be divided into two categories: one kind is fat sex pigment class dirt, cosmetics, paints are so common, shoe polish, ball-point pen oil, etc. , to remove these stains, need to use organic solvent such as alcohol, ketone would dissolve fatty substances, and then use water to wash hotel equipment and the role of detergent, makes the remnant of the stain to remove completely; The second is water-based pigment class dirt, common with coffee, wine, fruit juice, tea, blood, etc. , this part of the stains can be used directly hotel laundry equipment to get rid of the role and the professional detergent. Ensure hotel linen cleanliness is an important part of the hotel service, also is an important part of maintenance of hotel brands.

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