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Washing Machine Buyer's Guide

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-07
Today's washing machine market is more exhaustive than ever and requires extensive planning. Once you have completed your homework determining the features and functions you must have, you would like to have, and it really doesn't matter, the simpler the selection process. This article will discuss key features you should consider and also ask questions you must answer as the selection process evolves.
Noise levels - For the most part, laundry equipment that make a lot of noise are not good and is something you should not consider. Many of the washers on the market today come with sound dampening technology. Therefore, if you live in an apartment or have the appliance right next to a young child's bedroom this is something you should seriously consider. This sound dampening technology may involve nothing more than extra insulation on the washer's panels or newer technology in the form of vibration and sound control. Newer options that are electronic in nature balance loads so as not to create excessive vibration or limit spin speeds to eliminate noise. Many of the newer washers on the scene actually advertise their decibel levels at run time. If you have specific noise level requirements, you need to make sure that you shop around for a model meeting this need.
Washing Machine Drum Capacity - Are you the owner of king size bedding and how many individuals make up your household? These are questions that must be asked during the selection process. If you responded positively to the first question and have several members in your household, you need to consider purchasing a washing machine with a minimum volume of at least 3.5 cubic feet. A large capacity washer will equate to fewer weekly loads. Washers today, include sensors that detect the size of your load, and distribute water and detergent based on that reading. When searching for a new machine plan on keeping it for a minimum of 10 years. Family size growth should be taken into account during the planning process to make sure the size of machine you select now, will meet future requirements. If purchasing a dryer at the same time as a washer, make sure you match the pair. It is a good idea when purchasing a washer that you acquire a dryer with 2 times the volume of the selected washer.
Physical Space Requirements - make sure you have the exact dimensions of your washer & dryer room. This may be obvious, but it is not unusual for washer sizes to differ significantly between models and brands. I want to emphasize the need to measure at least twice so you are armed with exact dimensions of your laundry room when purchasing a washer and dryer. If your laundry room is physically small you might want to consider purchasing a compact washer and dryer or stackable models that can reduce the size requirement.
Efficient Water Use - Approximately 400 loads of laundry are washed each year by the average American family. Current studies indicate purchasing an Energy Star label washer can reduce energy costs by 33% and water costs by over 50%. Any washer that has the Energy Star label must use 50% less energy and anywhere from 35% to 50% less water than a machine that does not carry this label. Bosch manufactured washers are some of the most efficient models on the market and many of them only use 140 kWh of electricity for an entire year. Is your current washer more than 10 years old? Studies state that my replacing it with a new Energy Star qualified washer may result in an annual savings of more than $135 on your utility bill.
Washing Machine Spin Speeds - another important factor to concern yourself with is the spin speed. It is a fact that faster spin speeds will extract far more water from the clothes. This additional water extraction results in less dryer time which should be your aim because of their high energy consumption rates. At a minimum, select a washer which has a spin speed of 1000 RPM. Keep this in mind when you are developing your buyer plan.
Water Temperatures - many of the cycles that a washing machine completes involve adjusting water temperature based on the type of fabric and level of care you select. Many washers use higher water temperatures resulting in cleaner clothes and less detergent use per load, once again a savings.
Washer Safety - The majority of front loading washers have a locking front door making sure that the door cannot be opened in the middle of a cycle. This specific item is very important and is standard on the majority of models.
Manufacturer Quality - When shopping for a machine, try to read as many reviews as possible about the specific brand you are leaning towards purchasing. A little research can result in an investment that may last a lifetime.
The above items are by no means everything you must consider when purchasing a washing machine, but it is a good start. If you do ample research upfront you are likely to find a machine that will meet all current and future requirements and perhaps last forever.

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