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Washing Machine Comparison of Different Types of Washers

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-12
When ready to purchase a washing machine you want to know which machine will do the best job getting clothes clean and how much the purchase price will be. Washing machine comparison is essential when deciding which washing machine is right for you.
Here are the types of washers on the market today:
*Regular Top-Loading Washer:
A positive feature of these washers is they are most likely going to be priced lower than other types of washers. In addition adding clothes into the washer in mid-cycle is easy to do in a machine that does not contain an agitator, such as this one. A negative aspect of this type of washer is they do use the most energy over all. These types of washers also use the most amount of water.
*High-Efficiency Top-Loading Washer:
High-Efficiency washers will often hold more clothing than other washers. They also boast of getting clothes cleaner. In addition, the higher speed cuts down on drying time after the washing cycles are completed. Another bonus is they use less energy than other washers. A negative aspect of this type of washers is its' tendency to wrinkle clothing as it spins them. They also can cost more than regular top-loaders, sometimes costing as much as a front-loading washer.
*Front-loading washers:
Although costing about the same as a front-loading washer these washers clean more efficiently than top-loading high-efficiency washers. These washers spin very fast and that results in better moisture extraction during the spin cycle. This fact also reduces drying time and thus makes front-loading washers a very energy efficient appliance. The downside of these washers is that they can be too noisy to be placed near living spaces, due do its' high-speed spin cycle, this washing machine can vibrate and cause noise.
*Space-saving Washers:
One big positive of space-saving washers is the fact that you can store it in a closet and roll them out when ready to use. You can also stack space-saving front-loading on top of each other to allow for more usable floor space. A negative feature of a space-saving washer is it can handle only a small load of clothes consisting of typically no more than 12 lbs of clothes at a time.
Purchasing the perfect one does not have to be difficult. Determining which type of washer best fits your budget and lifestyle is the most important part of the decision making process. Reviewing the positive and negative features that each washing machine contains can give you a good idea which kind of washing machine is right for you. By conducting your own washing machine comparison, you can be sure you are picking the right washer for your family.
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