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Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-18
You can either buy a separate machine or tumble dryer, or a combination washer/dryer. Which you choose may depend on the following:
How much space do you have? Two machines will obviously take up more room than one, but some manufacturers make stacking kits which allow you to put the dryer on top of the washing machine.
How much washing do you do? The drying cycle of a combined washer/dryer will usually dry approximately half a full load of washing at a time. And you will not be able to get on with the next load either.
How easy is it to find a repair? Combined machines generally break down more than separate washing machines of dryers.
Taking Cares Of your Equipment
and Washer/Dryers
Check the rubber seal on the door regularly for signs of deterioration and wipe it down after each wash.
Clean out filter regularly.
If sharp edges develop in the drum, tears and snags will appear on your clothes. Prevent this happening by fastening buttons and zips before putting them in the machine. To get rid of sharp edges, cover your hand with an old pair of tight and run it slowly round the inside of the machine to find any snags. Then smooth them off with the sandpaper.
Many manufacturers recommend a particular type of washing powder or fabric softener to be used in the machine. If they do, follow their suggestions for the best result.
If the machine is noisy and vibrates a lot while spinning, use a spirit level surface, and make sure that the load is evenly distributed.
Wash out the detergent dispenser drawer regularly under a running tap, and scrub out the fabric conditioner compartment with and old toothbrush.
Tumble Dryer
Fasten buttons and zips before putting them in to dry - they could harm the drum.
Wipe the drum with a damp soft cloth after drying anything that is starched in the wash.
Leave the door open for an hour or so after drying clothes to get rid of any dampness in the machine.
Wring out clothes as much as possible before putting them in the dryer - especially if hand washed.
Look out for a dryer that has an economy thermostat built in. It automatically reduces the heat as the clothes dry out.
A cool and intermittent drying programme creases the clothes less and makes ironing easier.
Each time you use the dryer, clean out the filter when you have finished. A filter blocked with fluff reduces the dryer efficiency and increases the cost of drying.
Only use tumble dryer when you really have a full load. Us radiators, clothes horses or an outside line if you can.

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