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Washing Machines - Top Load Vs Front Load Washers

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-06
in the past only have but few basic features - the control dial for wash cycle options (from delicate to heavy wash), the load size and the drier. But now, with better than ever technology, laundry equipment have innovated from simple to sophisticated home appliance. In this washing machine review, we will tackle the features that you should look for when buying a washers. But always keep in mind that the best machine for your washing is the one that suits your need; you don't necessarily have to get a washer with complete features.
1. Durability - Average laundry equipment have a lifespan of 10 years at the most, even longer than that with proper care and usage. You want to make sure that your machine will indeed last for 10 years. There are several machine reviews that offer a comprehensive report on the machine's performance tests; you can check the best washing machine brands when it comes to durability.
2. The tub - Would you prefer the plastic tub or a stainless steel one? How about porcelain? The steel tub/drum is more suitable for rinsing and drying than the plastic kind. The porcelain looks good, and is scratch-resistant. Nevertheless, they are all sturdy and long-lasting.
3. Load size - How much laundry do you wash per load? Do not forget to take the load size into account. Dumping a heavier load of laundry than the washing machine can normally allow for it to function properly may cause the appliance to break down.
4. Energy efficiency - How much energy does it consume? Nowadays, most washers are made to be energy-efficient.
5. Water efficiency - Does it require more gallons of water per kilogram of wash loads than the other machines? The best washing machine is water-efficient - the one that consumes lower amount of water per wash load.
6. Spin efficiency - A washer with efficient spin cycle removes more water from the clothes, which means clothes will take minimum energy and time to dry.
7. Rinse performance - How well does it keep the dirt in the water and out of the clothes during the cycle? How well does it rinse the detergent? If you want to know how certain machine brands performed in this aspect, you may check the data in washing machine reviews. Basically, the fewer amounts of detergents left in clothes after washing, the better its rinse performance. This is an important consideration since detergent residues in clothes may cause skin irritation.
8. Noise level - If you do your laundry in the basement where few people go, noise may not be much of a problem; but if you do it in a room that is adjacent to other rooms, especially bed room, it can be a problem. Consider the location of your laundry area.
9. The controls - Dial or digital? Dial-style controls are easier to use; however, the digital controls offer more options, such as setting the exact water temperature and wash settings.
10. Other features - LCD display, time delay capability and extra rinse may be some of the features that you look for.

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