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Water leakage and maintenance common sense of industrial washing machines

by:GOWORLD     2020-03-07
Industrial can help us solve most of the industrial laundry problems in the bar and improve the efficiency of laundry in the industrial field. We can achieve efficient clothes cleaning work through the equipment, help us reduce the difficulty of cleaning clothes, and save the time and cost of cleaning. Users occasionally find water leakage when using this equipment, resulting in a serious decline in the working efficiency of the equipment. When we use this equipment, we must do a good job in the inspection and nursing of the equipment to ensure that the equipment can always work normally. So how do we judge the problem of water leakage in the equipment? How can we solve and prevent it? The following is a brief introduction to how to use this equipment by Shanghai Lijing. There are many reasons for the leakage of industrial laundry equipment. It is possible that the drain pipe of the equipment is broken, so the industrial washing machine leaks. If the user wants to solve this problem, the fastest way is to buy a new drain pipe for replacement, or put a leather cover on the drain pipe to prevent the drain pipe from continuing to leak. After a long period of use, the industrial washing machine will not stick to the place where the screws are loose or the fixing glue is adhered, and water leakage will also occur. The operator can use a screwdriver to fix the screw to avoid the drain pipe from continuing to leak. The cause of water leakage in industrial washing machines may also be the failure of water level gauge, so the water level must be controlled to prevent water leakage. If users want to improve the use efficiency of equipment, they should not only be able to repair the equipment failure in time, but also have a certain understanding of the basic maintenance of the equipment and reduce the probability of water leakage of the equipment. When the industrial washing machine is in use, the laundry quantity must not exceed the specified washing quantity. Excessive washing quantity will only cause premature damage to the equipment, and excessive clothes will bring great pressure to the equipment, cause equipment use failure. Only when users reduce the amount of clothes they wash can they not cause certain wear and tear to industrial laundry equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment. Secondly, the choice of laundry solvent used by the equipment is also very important. Choose professional detergent to reduce the corrosion of detergent to equipment.
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