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What are raw materials for laundry equipment production?
Laundry equipment is fabricated from 304stainless steel,motor,computer controller,and other materials with employing modern technology. The specific raw materials vary with different laundryroom projects. The very first step in a procedure is frequently the most essential. Thus manufacturers in this industry highlight much on raw materials. The quality variant of the raw materials used at the production will frequently result in variation in the character of the final products.

FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD has obtained a high reputation for supplying high quality flatwork ironer with reasonable price. gas steam boiler is the main product of GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT. It is diverse in variety. GOWORLD commercial laundry machine is manufactured under a complete and scientific quality management system. GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT provides formidable strengths to its customers. It is not prone to breed mildew and mold.

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