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What are the classifications of industrial laundry

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-01

Industrial laundry equipment, I was thinking, what is this? What's in it? Let's talk about its connotation below.

1. Dry-cleaning machines: including dry-cleaning machines that use different solvents, such as tetrachloroethylene dry-cleaning machines, brominated carbon dry-cleaning machines, petroleum dry-cleaning machines, liquid carbon dioxide dry-cleaning machines, fluorine dry-cleaning machines, etc. Different technical indicators can be divided into open dry cleaning machines, fully enclosed dry cleaning machines and fifth-generation environmentally friendly dry cleaning machines.

2. Water washing machine category: including single washing machine, dehydrating machine and water washing dryer, tunnel type continuous washing machine and its integrated tunnel automatic washing system. The water eluting dryer can be divided into gravity solid type and full suspension type according to its performance.

3. Drying machines: including exhaust air dryers, composite air duct dryers, intelligent drying machines, etc. Exhaust dryers can be divided into top blowing type and bottom suction type according to their different structures. According to the air duct state, it can be divided into axial air duct and meridional air duct.

4. Ironing machines: including direct heat roller ironing machines, trough heat roller ironing machines, universal folder machines, light board folder machines, portrait ironing machines, various special clothing folder ironing machines, etc.

5. Folding machines: including universal folding machines, special folding machines, folding conveyors, stacking machines, etc.

6. Auxiliary machinery: including ironing platform, scouring platform, small steam generator, clothing transport machinery, etc.

The above six categories of industrial laundry equipment are suitable for hotels, restaurant professional washing companies, military hospitals and laundry shops, and usually star-rated hotels use complete sets of laundry equipment, including dry cleaning, washing, drying, ironing, and folding equipment; while hospital troops Dry cleaning, water washing dryers, dryers and universal folder machines are commonly used; small laundry shops choose dry cleaning, washing machines and corresponding small equipment according to their business. Shanghai Lijing industrial laundry equipment is different from household laundry equipment. The former is suitable for continuous batch washing of industrial laundry equipment and is a series of laundry equipment; the latter is a single small washing machine used intermittently at home for a short time.

The above are the six major classifications of industrial laundry equipment and the scope of application. I wonder if you already understand this?

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