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What are the common faults and solutions of the

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-01

What are the common faults and solutions? We analyze from the following aspects.

1. The inlet valve or steam valve cannot be opened
cause of issue:
1. The air pressure of the machine is too low
2. The trachea is cut, squashed or disconnected
3. The solenoid valve is damaged. 4. The external manual water inlet valve or steam valve connected to the machine is not opened
1. Increase the intake pressure to 6-7kgf/mm
2. Repair or connect the trachea
3. Check or replace the solenoid valve
4. Open the manual water inlet valve and steam valve outside the machine

2. The door cannot be opened after the washing cycle is over
cause of issue:
1. There is water in the outer tank
2. The inlet air pressure is too low
3. The air pipe connected to the drain valve cylinder is cut off
4. The solenoid valve that opens the drain valve is damaged
5. The cylinder opening the drain valve is damaged
6. The door is not aligned and the door latch is stuck
7. Cannot receive any signal to open the door from the controller
1. Check the drain valve and drain piping system, clean or repair if necessary
2. Increase the inlet air pressure to 6-7kgf/cm
3. Repair or reconnect the air pipe
4. Repair or replace the solenoid valve
5. Repair or replace the cylinder that opens the drain valve
6. Readjust the position of the door and close the door tightly
7. Replace the controller

3. Cannot start, when the door is closed, the display shows 'the door is open'
cause of issue:
The door close limit switch is damaged
Repair or replace door limit switch

4. The controller seems to be working normally, but the specific functions of the laundry equipment do not respond during operation
cause of issue:
1. The output plug of the control board is loose
2. The specific parts that control the function are not well connected
3. The specific parts that control the function are damaged
1. Reconnect the output plug reliably
2. The poor connection of repair parts
3. Repair or replace the part

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