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What are the conditions for opening a gas washing plant

What are the conditions for opening a gas washing plant


With the increasing popularity of the use of natural gas in the country, natural gas is becoming increasingly popular with more and more people due to its low use price and low cost. Many people who operate washing plants have chosen natural gas as a thermal energy supply to open washing plants. So what are the conditions for opening a washing plant using gas? Today, the editor consulted the technicians of the top 100 washing equipment to professionally answer this question.

Requirements for surrounding pipelines

To use natural gas, first of all, it is necessary to have supporting facilities with natural gas pipelines around, which can connect natural gas to the plant.

Pipeline pressure of gas

The required operating pressure for a general gas heated washing equipment is between 3000Pa and 5000Pa (0.03-0.05MPa), which is the pressure value that the equipment can normally use, that is, the dynamic pressure. Therefore, the static pipeline pressure should be around 8000KPa. If the pressure is higher than this, install a pressure reducing valve; If the pressure is lower than this, pressurize the gas supplier, otherwise it may not be able to use the gas equipment normally or cannot be used.

Pipeline diameter requirements for gas

The sum of the diameter and cross-section of the intake pipe of all gas equipment shall not be less than the cross-section of the inlet pipe.

For example, if the intake pipe of a 3-roller gas ironing machine is DN20 with a cross section of 314.16 * 3=942.48mm, the requirement for the access pipe is DN40 with a cross section of 1256.64mm.

Ventilation requirements for gas fired laundry rooms

Due to the large amount of oxygen consumed during combustion of gas, it is necessary to have good ventilation in places where gas equipment is used to provide sufficient oxygen. If your gas laundry is located in the basement, an air exchange device must be installed.

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