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What are the hotel cleaning equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-08

hotel laundry equipment have? Think there besides hotel cleaning equipment, there will be industrial dryer, ironing machine, folding machine, etc. The use requirements of the hotel is different, so the configuration of equipment is also different. Refers to the hotel cleaning equipment is applied to each hotel laundry room, for grass cloth washing ironing processing equipment. Hotel although its purchase cost is high, but fortunately can ensure linen wash effect, to ensure that the change rate, avoid poor timeliness, the high cost brought by the outsourcing of washing, washing effect is not easy to control. Harness the use requirements of the hotel, often need to configure the hotel has large washing machine equipment, industrial laundry equipment wrinkles in the dryer, industrial machine, folding machine, etc.

the hotel laundry equipment main function is used for the water processing of all kinds of linen. On behalf of the product is fully automatic washing, as can a single complete linen water to wash, rinse, dehydration multiple assignments to the integration of machinery and equipment. Through its after wash cloth grass have clean rate is high, low moisture content, etc.

the main effect of industrial dryer is used for after wash cloth grass, Especially in all kinds of towels, bath towel, towel cloth, such as towel like grass) Quick drying process. On behalf of the product is industrial dryers. This is a used electricity, steam, gas heating, heating way through the high temperature, flip linen drying equipment. After the drying not only dry cloth grass, and soft, at the same time, high temperature drying can also play a role in sterilization.

main function of ironing machine is washed with water after the linen ( Especially the bed sheet, quilt cover, pillow towel) Pressing operation. On behalf of the product is the wrinkles in drum machine. This is a through electricity, steam, gas, heat conduction oil heating platen heating source, and then through the roller heat and pressure to bring the water sheet, quilt cover, pillow towel hot dry pressed operations. After the ironing cloth grass not only dry and smooth. My company's existing single roller, double roll, three, four more than five roll, roll, roll, roll, etc.

the folding machine mainly used for iron sheet, quilt cover, automatic folding after processing. On behalf of the product is ZD3300 sheet folding machine. This is a bigger folding width is 3. 3 meters, 5 channels folding. Wrinkles in and work with the drum machine or slot ironing machine will be able to use the automatic on-line folding machinery and equipment. Its presence can ensure linen folded neatly, gain folding speed, reduce the workers labor demand and demand of choose and employ persons.

that is the hotel often buy all kinds of laundry equipment, in addition to these products, some hotels may also purchase dry cleaners, ironing table, scouring machine, steam generator and other equipment.

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