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What are the working principles and advantages

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-31

Why is the spreading machine presenting a trend of great development? What kind of changes it can bring to our lives, let's take a look below.

In developed countries in Europe and America, spreading machines have long been widely used in the laundry industry because of their high efficiency, saving labor, and greatly improving the folding quality of linen. Due to the relatively low domestic labor cost, coupled with the high degree of automation and high price, there are relatively few users. In today's era of rising labor costs and customers' increasing quality of linen ironing and folding, it can be said that it is a wise choice for laundry factories.

First, briefly describe the working principle and process of the spreader. The operator directly sends the two corners of the bed sheet or the long side of the quilt to the spreading manipulator, and then knows that there is a linen to enter, and the spreading manipulator starts to run, which will drive the linen to move to both sides of the machine until the cloth After the grass is completely flattened and stopped, the spreading manipulator puts the linen into the conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt sends the linen to the ironing machine.

1. The working principle and process of multi-station are similar to that of single-station spreader. First, the operator sends the two corners of the long side of the bed sheet or quilt cover to the four clips of the spreader's feeding table. Then they will know that there is linen to enter, and the four clips will send the linen to the existing The spreading manipulator waiting at this position, meanwhile, the spreading manipulator takes the linen to move to both sides of the machine until the linen is completely flattened and then stops, and the linen is sent to the ironing machine by the conveyor belt.

2. At the same time, it is also equipped with a linen smoothing device, so that the linen is continuously smoothed on the front and back sides of the linen while being spread by the Shanghai Lijing spreading manipulator, so that the linen will not be wrinkled after being fed into the conveyor belt. The phenomenon of folding and unevenness enters the ironing machine in a smooth state from beginning to end.

3. In addition to directly reducing labor, because it automatically controls the spreading force of the mechanical splicing hand through the tension sensor, it can ensure the spreading success rate of different specifications and different varieties of linen, so the spreading position is accurate and repeatable. It will never happen that the untidy up and down, left and right positions of manual spreading will not cause the untidy spread of the cloth; accordingly, the folding quality of the bed sheet folding machine will also be improved.

The above are the advantages of the spreading machine and the reason why more and more factories use it.

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