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What Carpet Cleaning Equipment Are Best For Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-23
Buying carpet cleaning equipment for cleaning a retail outlet, mall, or even a small boutique is not a task to be taken lightly. Even in small shops, it is important to remember that the carpets are subject to heavy traffic flows, allowing large amounts of dirt and stains to accumulate. It is also important to remember that a dirty carpet in a store will affect the image of the establishment and in turn, business. This is why it is important to invest in the right carpet cleaners for the job. Understanding the Cleaning Problem The main reason why people buy carpet cleaners that are not adequate for cleaning shops or malls is because they do not understand the technology behind these cleaning machines. They purchase home-grade vacuum cleaners in hopes that these machines will keep their business clean and welcoming. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Simply put, vacuum cleaners only remove dirt from the surface of the carpet, leaving behind unsightly, odor-causing stains that can turn-off customers and decrease the life of your carpet. In order to invest in the right carpet cleaning equipment, you need to make sure you understand your carpet cleaning needs first. For instance, some carpets may pick up a lot of light debris, such as sand, dust, and lint. These carpets can be cleaned using carpet extractors without heating elements. However, some carpeted areas may be subjected to harsher deposits like dried mud, food spills, and sticky debris. In these cases, cold water cleaning is not going to be enough. You will need to rely on heated carpet cleaning equipment to help soften and remove such sediments. Carpet upholstery cleaners are also available. Designed to meet the unique needs of cleaning seat cushions, stairs, and other hard-to-reach places, these machines feature a 4' upholstery wand specially suited for the tight spaces of furniture and other upholstered surfaces. The right upholstery and carpet cleaners need to address drying times as well. One of the main reasons why malls and retail shops put off cleaning their carpets is because carpets can take a long time to dry. It simply is not feasible to section off large areas of a mall because the carpets need to dry out, nor is it acceptable for a shop that is open 7 days a week to close for an entire day to allow carpets to dry. To make matters worse, bacteria, germs, and molds often take root in the damp carpet. Therefore, a cleaned carpet can actually become dirtier simply because it takes a long time to dry out. This is why effective carpet cleaning equipment needs to be able to cut down on the carpet drying times. The best way to do this is to use machines with low flow technology. Low Flow Output The best carpet cleaning equipment actually uses less water than conventional machines. Carpet cleaning machines that use large amounts of water do not necessarily clean better. These machines simply soak carpets, leaving them to dry in as much as 24 hours or more. The truth is that some of the most effective carpet cleaners rely more on suction and extraction powers to remove sediments, not excessive soaking. As a result, even a carpet shampooer can loosen and remove deep-rooted sediments while reducing the drying times to as little as 2 hours for carpet and 1 hour for upholstery. Even auto detailing professionals use upholstery carpet cleaners with low water flow to ensure a quick drying time of vehicle interiors. By using a carpet shampooer or any kind of carpet cleaner that uses less water, you can cut down drastically on the carpet's drying time. However, this reduced water usage does not compromise the machine's cleaning power in any way. In fact, less water means less chance of fungus and bacteria taking root in the damp carpet. For added cleaning power, this carpet cleaning equipment can be used along with eco-friendly green cleaning solutions. These products are effective and do not harm the environment or your carpets in any way. To thoroughly clean carpets without risking harm to your business due to drying times required or customers and employees due to toxic chemicals, rely on low flow carpet cleaners and green carpet cleaning solutions for carpet maintenance in your store.
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