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What do you know about industrial laundry equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-31

With the improvement of people's living standards, the frequency of using industrial laundry equipments has become higher and higher, so what do you need to know when using industrial laundry equipments? How should it be maintained? Industrial laundry equipments are driven by a motor through a belt to change the speed of the inner tank, and in time sequence The positive and negative rotation under the action of the controller drives the water and clothes to move asynchronously, so that the water and clothes rub and rub each other to achieve the purpose of washing.

After purchasing an industrial laundry equipment, place the industrial laundry equipment on a level and solid ground. If the ground is not satisfactory, you can use a board to adjust the foot nut to a horizontal position. The body should be at least 50 mm away from the wall. Do not put the laundry equipment in a humid place such as the bathroom, or near fire and heat flow to ensure safe use. Install the water inlet pipe, separate the water inlet pipe and the connector, fix the connector on the faucet, then install the water inlet pipe into the connector, and then apply.

Pack the drain pipe. There are drain holes on both sides of the chassis. You can choose one of the holes. According to the purpose of water stains, the drain is from the side of the floor drain (not hard pull to avoid damage). Do not touch the rotating part of the drain pipe in the machine. The height of the drainage pipe passing through the threshold is not more than 150mm; to extend the drainage, the extension should be less than 3M. Do not let the drainage enter the sewage.

The grounding must be reliable, and one end of the yellow-green mark is connected to a reliable grounding device. Do not connect the ground wire to the gas pipe. Check the power cord, do not use high voltage (such as under the laundry equipment) to prevent damage to the power cord, causing leakage or short circuit, discarded parts and other accidents. When unplugging the power cord, please hold down the power plug and do not pull the cord to avoid malfunction.

In the event of an explosion or fire, it is not allowed to wash or dehydrate clothing containing volatile liquids (gasoline, oil, alcohol, thinner, etc.). Before washing, you should take the sundries in your pocket, such as fire, hairpins, coins, keys, etc.

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