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What hotel washing machine installation requirements

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-17

full-automatic washing machine is a device in a laundry room hotel, according to different people's needs, the production out of the two cylinder automatic hotel washing machine, large horizontal hotel automatic washing machine, automatic industrial washing and so on different models, it has direct relationship with the life of people, become more widely used, which in many of the large and medium-sized laundry use, in order to ensure that hotel washing machine can work normally, the installation place specification is particularly important. Below take you to see what hotel washing machine installation requirements?

there is a requirement of hotel washing machine was, first of all is the need to place it in a clean flat on the ground, but we also need to ensure the stability and robustness of the ground, it can guarantee the normal work of the hotel washing machine. If the hotel washing machine placed the ground not level off, then it will lead to automatic hotel fabric of ironing out the washing machine also appear uneven phenomenon, thus greatly reducing the work efficiency. And, if hotel washing machine put instability, also will make the equipment work when the noise is very big, such not only affect the health of the workers and situation, for the nearby residents is also a kind of interference, so we need to put more attention.

when put hotel washing machine, we also need to check the automatic hotel chain is fastened on the washing machine, if appear loose phenomenon, must carry on the strengthening, at the same time, we also note that the hotel washing machine in the runtime and no other produce resonance phenomenon between the laundry equipment, if there is any must be removed immediately, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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