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What is the price of an hotel industrial washing machine?

What is the price of an hotel industrial washing machine?


Description: Unknowingly, August is coming to an end, and September will usher in the school season, but I am happy that the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day will be consecutive holidays. The improvement of tourism has also driven the growth of the hotel industry. Industrial washing machines are used in hotel laundry rooms. It is the most basic washing equipment, so how should the hotel set the washing program of the industrial washing machine?

The hotel laundry room may need to wash tons of linen every day. There are many kinds of linen, such as bed sheets and quilt covers, restaurant tablecloths, etc. Different linen materials are different, and the types of stains attached to them are also different. Setting a suitable washing program may prolong the washing time and reduce the washing effect.

First of all, let's talk about the use of detergents. At present, the detergents used in industrial washing machines in hotel laundry rooms are general-purpose detergents, which are suitable for washing most stains. This can reduce the cost of purchasing detergents to a certain extent. The detergent is neutral or alkaline, which generally depends on the degree of pollution of the linen. If the pollution is large, the linen with more dirt needs to use alkaline detergent, and the linen with less pollution should use neutral. This can not only reduce the cost of the detergent, but also reduce the damage of the detergent to the linen material, so the hotel laundry room needs to be classified before washing the linen, not only according to the type of linen, but also according to Linen contamination levels are classified.

The laundry program of the industrial washing machine used in the hotel laundry room does not have a standard program. The time, temperature and water level set by the laundry program are determined by the type of linen, the degree of pollution and the detergent. Usually, the industrial washing machine manufacturers have already set a variety of washing programs when they leave the factory. However, it is still recommended that the hotel laundry room should be adjusted according to the cleanliness of the linen washing, so as to best reduce the washing cost of the hotel laundry room.

Finally, I would like to tell you what I know about the current market situation. The amount of laundry for hotel linen, regular hotels and 1000 sets of hotel linen is about 50w to 100w, depending on the brand and performance of the equipment, as well as the rental and repair costs of the factory buildings.



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