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What products has GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT developed?
FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is first and foremost committed to product excellence. However, the development of new products is not arbitrary – It follows a comprehensive research process, in which we focus on real problems that require better solutions in the field.  After determining what the market needs, we design a solution that caters to your favor. Our long list of hospital washing machine has innovated the industry.
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GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT is a strong company that focuses on product research, state-of-the-art design, and professional manufacturing services. Our main product is stacking washer and dryer. The gas tumble dryer series is one of the main products of GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT. GOWORLD gas steam boiler has a rather appealing appearance due to the efforts of our own professional and innovative designers. Its design is reliable and time-tested enough to meet the challenges of the market. It can help save money on utilities and labor costs. Different raw materials of stacking washer dryer such as stacking washer and dryer are available during customization. It will look new after years of use due to our coating process.

The service team at GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT will respond to any questions you have in a timely, effective and responsible manner. Inquire!

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