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What to do if barrier washer extractor is damaged during shipping?
FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD does our best to protect the pieces against breakage, but no guarantees can be made. If you are afraid that happan,pls let's us do the insurance for you before shipping.If you see any damage, please make note of it. This will help greatly in case of claims against the carrier. GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT takes such matters very seriously and will look into individual cases thoroughly.  We're really sorry with the accident. Do contact us via any channels and we'll do our very best to put things right.

GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT is a Chinese gas tumble dryer manufacturer which is professional and large in factory scale. laundry press machine is the main product of GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT. It is diverse in variety. The product is free of toxic chemical substances. At the stage of materials or ingredient extraction and testing, the raw materials or components are totally tested to be harmless. 304 stainless steel material is used for making it anti-rust and long-term service. our team has built long term business relationship with many overseas customers. It makes the cleaned textiles meet appropriate hygienically clean standards and established industry guidelines.

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