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What to pay attention to when choosing and installing

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-31

What should I pay attention to when selecting and installing industrial laundry equipments with good performance? In terms of equipment performance, the overall appearance of the equipment is required to be perfect, and the appearance, color and shape can satisfy consumers. The overall layout is reasonable, the structural layout is neatly arranged, the levels are distinct, and the rigidity requirements are met. The basic structure is designed reasonably, assembled and combined well. The parts, components and manufacturing processes are excellent. Reasonable selection of materials, good surface treatment, and special anti-corrosion treatment for special parts.

Operational performance requires a high degree of automation of the control system, reliable equipment system, large equipment system capacity, strong selectivity, and self-checking function for state judgment. The operation is simple and clear, with man-machine dialogue function and various safety measures of sound and light alarm. The trouble-free operation cycle is long and the sudden failure rate is low. Stable operation and strong anti-interference ability. Environmental protection indicators such as noise and vibration comply with national regulations. It has perfect safety protection measures. In case of accidental operation during operation, the equipment has a protective automatic stop function.

The performance indicators of the whole machine should be compared and judged according to the rated indicators of the domestic or foreign advanced standards of this type of equipment. The advanced nature of the equipment is reflected in the advanced nature of various indicators. In terms of industrial laundry equipment design and manufacturing process technology, the manufacturer should be evaluated for the following four factors. Advanced equipment design ideas and implementation standards. The rationality of equipment manufacturing process and the advanced nature of process equipment. Management and control of equipment production process. Whether it is mass production, finalized production, the degree of equipment molding and standardization.

The management level and after-sales service capabilities of industrial laundry equipment manufacturers are investigated in the following five categories. Whether the quality management level is certified. The technical strength of the enterprise and the quality of the employees. The state of enterprise equipment, whether it has modern processing methods and mass production capacity. Equipment sales and after-sales service capabilities. The social status of the company and the affiliation of major equipment, etc. To correctly evaluate industrial laundry equipments and choose good industrial laundry equipments, it is necessary to examine the equipment from the above aspects.

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