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Whirlpool Sparkle Washing Machine

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-21
Whirlpool is a leading name in the field of home appliances and several electrical and electronic products. Whirlpool washing machine is one such product that is highly popular in India. Whirlpool Sparkle washing machine is a semi automatic washing loaded with features and available at very affordable prices. If you are looking for washing machine that not only saves you from the hassles of washing dirty linen but also save your money and electricity bills, this Whirlpool washing machine is just perfect option for you. It is a semi-automatic top loading washing machine. Let us have a look at its features. One of its unique features is the 1-2 hand wash that is also called Agitator. This feature helps remove the toughest stains easily. Another feature is the Dynamic soak feature. This feature soaks the clothes in the soapy water for 25 minutes before actual washing. During this period, agitator keeps working gently for small time at regular intervals. It helps loosen the tough stains, dirt and grease. With such dynamic features, all you need is to put clothes, water and detergent in the machine and let it work itself. Its easy-to-use control panel makes you free once you select your wash options, fabric type and dirt level. The washing machine will take care of the rest itself. Whirlpool Sparkle Washing Machine offers you three wash options; Delicate, Normal and Heavy. These wash options allow you to wash different types of fabrics at required speed. These wash options create different mechanical actions to work on the clothes. For instance, if you are washing soft woolen clothes, you need to set the wash option at delicate to handle its delicate fibers. On the other hand, if you are washing heavy clothes such as towels, bedcovers or other things, you can opt for Heavy wash option. Auto restart is one more feature which makes this machine more efficient. If there is power cut during a wash cycle, it will start automatically from the point it stopped after the power is resumed. Moreover, it is provided with a buzzer. Whenever a wash cycle is completed, it alerts you by buzzing that it is the time to take out the clothes from the wash tub. You can easily move this machine from one position to other due to the presence of wheels in its base. Whenever you buy this Whirlpool washing machine, you will enjoy the 2-years warranty.
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