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Who Needs Assisted Living Facilities?

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-21
Living in assisted living facilities is one of the many options for seniors who are already having a hard time doing their everyday activities. There are some Americans who are highly in favor of this while others opt to live with their loved ones. Yes, it is hard to make the necessary adjustments and live in a facility but they need to understand that at some point in time the care and support their family gives are no longer enough for them. So, the question here is, who are these people who are in dire need of these facilities? A living facility is a far more better option for seniors who require for more attention and assistance that not all families are able to provide. Even if their families have the desire to keep them close to them, their efforts will not suffice because of their other responsibilities. If it has become a challenge for these people to do their daily activities like taking a bath, dressing and walking, then it's time to consider assisted living. Since they are already living their retirement years, they are left alone most of the time, which in turn makes them feel lonely. Happiness is a key element to one's health and having an active social life will greatly benefit them. A living facility is not only limited to providing help to carry out their everyday activities but also to cheer them up or hone their social skills. Through this facility, they will no longer feel isolated because of the friendly community and wide range of activities. It is also time to consider assisted living facilities when they feel unsafe when they're alone and they foresee themselves in a helpless situation. They may have limited mobility and they are afraid that they might meet accidents like fall a flight of stairs and couldn't get up on their own. This situation calls for an assistance, not only to help them in case of emergencies but as well as to make them feel secured. Maintaining a home is a challenge once they reach their retirement years since they need to face a lot of responsibilities which can be very hard in their situation. Instead of keeping their homes, they can transfer in an assisted facility. It's just like their home away from home since it has a very homey atmosphere without the household work like cleaning, preparing meals, doing the laundry and going to groceries. Travelling can also be a factor in determining whether they need to transfer in an assisted facility. If they already find it difficult to travel by means of public transportation or by driving their vehicles, then that's the time to consider living in a facility. In this way, they can be sure that they can do their errands safely and they can go wherever they want without bothering their family and people close to them. By means of assisted living facilities, they can travel without having to worry about their safety since these facilities offer transportation.
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