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Who to pay the freight of self-service laundry machine sample?
Generally, the sample of self-service laundry machine is provided by FOSHAN GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD without the exemption from freight fee. Taking the distance between export destinations and the port and other overhead expenses into account, the cost of delivering the sample may be higher than the unit price of the sample itself. From delivering the sample out of the factory to customers' hands, the whole manufacturing process can be completed requiring the combined efforts of a great number of people including warehousemen, shippers, and after-sales service staff. The cost of manpower is necessary.
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GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT is dedicated to the production and sales of fabric folding machine. We are now well recognized in the industry. The gas tumble dryer is one of the main products of GOWORLD LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT. This product will not easily gather bacteria. The antibacterial agent is used into its fabric, and its antibacterial effect is up to 99%. It has a heavy duty shaft for long-term reliability and performance. The product meets customer expectations and is now popular in the industry with broad market prospects. It can even handle fine clothing such as cashmere, woolen sweaters and silk.

Safety comes first of everything we do. We are holding the highest standards of product, process, and occupational safety throughout our whole procedure.

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