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Why Drying Cabinets Are So Great In The Winter Months

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-15
Do you run a business where you have company employees constantly outside at all times of year? In particular do you have to provide your employees with wet weather gear all year round? Well like many companies in the United Kingdom and Northern Europe you would not be alone in this respect. Also let us face whilst nobody likes working outside in the rain or snow then it is important that you wear the right waterproofs if you do have to work outside. The main problem though is that if its pouring down outside then when you come back inside you can find your waterproofs and shoes/boots can have got so wet the water has soaked through to the inside. This can mean people then having to go back outside later and put back on cold, and damp gear, which can leave them feeling depressed about the next part of their job even before they have started it. Well if you find yourself with employees in this situation then why not consider investing in a drying cabinet for your company. When you have wet clothes to dry, you only really have a few options. Firstly you can just turn the heat up really high, but then this makes a changing room very uncomfortable, and if you've only got one radiator then you can find the drying effect negligible in relation to the amount of clothing and footwear that you need to dry. Commercial drying cabinets are designed to get around these problems perfectly, and features a cabinet that will take all of your employees foul weather gear and work boots. The use a gentle heat that is contained within the cabin to enable you to rapidly dry wet weather gear without the need to put it in a tumble dryer or on a radiator. The drying cabinets are a great solution to your drying problems as the gear dries out rapidly in them meaning that your operatives should always have dry, warm clothing ready for when they next need to step outside to brace the weather. These cabinets are made of metal and feature single and double door models. They have plenty of hanging space in them as well as optional boot, shoe and even hat drying racks. Fitting one of these means no more boiling hot changing rooms, no more pools of water on the floor as all the drips are collected in the bottom of the cabinet, and no wet gear for people in dry clothes to brush up against. Using a drying cabinet will result in happier staff and banish cold and damp wet weather gear to a thing of the past.
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