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Why industrial laundry equipments are favored by users

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-31

The industrial laundry equipment is driven by the motor to change the bladder rotation through the belt, and under the action of the sequence controller, it rotates forwards and backwards, driving the water and clothes to move asynchronously, and the water and clothes rub against each other to achieve the purpose of washing. The industrial laundry equipment adopts a horizontal cylinder structure. The inner and outer cylinders of the industrial laundry equipment are made of fine stainless steel, which are smooth and bright, corrosion-resistant, small abrasion, damage to the fabric, and long service life.

The brand of industrial laundry equipment is a common, simple, easy-to-maintain laundry equipment that is durable. Suitable for washing all kinds of cotton, wool, linen, chemical fiber blended clothing fabrics, such as widely used clothing factories, washing factories, industrial and mining enterprises, schools, hotels, hotels, hospitals, laundry equipment, etc., but also according to your actual needs Custom-made special products.

It adopts a horizontal roller type, and the inner and outer barrels are made of high-quality stainless steel plates, which are smooth, corrosion-resistant, and do not damage the fabric. The operation is safe, and the inner tube door cover is equipped with a safety locking structure. If the door is not closed, the machine cannot start. If the door is opened, the machine will stop running immediately.

The transmission system is transmitted to the main shaft of the drum through the electric motor through the secondary triangular belt. Smooth operation, no noise, durable. It has a timing control function. Set the time according to the washing time, and it will stop automatically after washing.

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