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Why Opt For Professional Curtain Cleaning?

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-20
Of all the household upholstery and fabrics you may have, the most difficult to keep in good shape are curtains and rugs. You can't pop your drapes and rug in the washing machine every time they look dingy and hope they'll come out looking fine. They need special care. For a start you have to maintain them on a regular basis to keep them as clean as possible without having to wash them. Vacuuming your curtains every week using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner, would keep them dust free. Some curtains can be washed at home, especially if they are made of synthetic fabrics or faux silk etc. Check the washing instructions for your drapes. Most might indicate that they need dry cleaning, in case they can be home washed, you still might have to perform a home washing test on a small corner of the fabric before you put your draperies into the machine or bathtub. If the colour should begin to bleed, don't risk it by doing the curtain cleaning at home. Sometimes the lining of your draperies might not be colour-fast. If you tried washing them at home your curtains would lose their sheen and get ruined. Shades can be cleaned at home by vacuuming with the brush attachment. Using a furniture cleaning spray, spray the area and wipe clean finger marks and other mild stains. Make a mild soapy solution with liquid detergent and apply it with a sponge to the rolled out shade. Rinse it out with a clean sponge soaked in fresh water. Allow the shades to dry before rolling them up. Curtain cleaning is a big issue for most home owners as washing and cleaning them at home on your own is not an easy task. Dry cleaning is often the only option. Draperies are very expensive and need special attention. The fabric may shrink if handled by inexpert cleaners. If your curtains and drapes are made of natural fabrics like silk, cottons and linen, they will be spoilt if they are handled by unskilled persons. Velvet and other heavier fabrics are very difficult to handle, leave alone clean. When you give your velvet drapes for cleaning, your dry cleaner should have large enough machines to handle the bulky fabric. Curtains and draperies add glamour and elegance to a room. They are functional in keeping out sunlight and preserving privacy. For a beautiful home and well maintained look you should pay attention to curtain cleaning. London home owners can find professional dry cleaners in the city with experience in residential and commercial curtain cleaning.
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