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Why Tumble Drying Is Still Preferred Over Washer-Dryer

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-21
There are many options for equipments when it comes to laundry. In this article we compare using a washer-dryer combo to a separate tumble dryer. Of course, a washer-dryer combo seems to be more convenient. Let us see what a turbo dryer offers that makes people buy it, in spite of the inconvenience.
The best advantage that washer dryers have over turbo dryers is the ease of use and space efficiency. Washer dryers are smaller and can even fit into the bathroom, kitchen or other small utility area. This frees up space in the home and makes it available for activities other than laundry.
Traditional set up of washer and tumble dryer is more demanding physically. In a washer dryer combo, the dirty clothes go in and come out dry. It does not require lifting heavy wet clothes and moving them to the dryer. It also saves time being fully automatic and all you need to do is press a few buttons.
Those who have used separate tumble dryers know he benefits of it. They are of the opinion that if you make the same machine perform two functions, you are compromising on quality. A washer is a smaller machine that keeps the clothes close together and rubs them to get the clean. A dryer needs to be bigger in size in order to maintain a good flow of hot air in the clothes.
The idea of washing and drying inside the same machine does not make sense to people who have been using tumble dryers. If washing and drying is done in the same drum, the size of the drum is neither so small for the clothes to rub properly, not big enough for them to dry properly. Most people are of the opinion that a combo machine does not wash and clean as good as the separate washer.
Another great advantage of separate washer and tumble dryer is that they can be used simultaneously and handle greater load. If your family requirements include a huge laundry on a daily basis, a washer-dryer combo may not be the best choice for you. You can add new clothes for washing in the washer while the previous load is still drying. The same is impossible in a combo machine.
Though most modern machines have many features that a tumble dryer has, the results are not as good as a tumble dryer. A tumble dryer can also be used for fluffing up clothes that have been kept for a long time and have wrinkled. The tumble dryer does it better because of its bigger size.
Only you can make the right choice about your laundry equipments based on your individual needs. While a busy working lady might prefer a fully automatic, hassle free combo washer dryer machine, it does not mean you have to do so too. If you can manage the little additional physical work and availability that separate washer and turbo dryer requires, maybe that works better for you.

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