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Will Using an Energy Efficient Tumble Dryer Save Money?

by:GOWORLD     2020-09-22
Like most questions about money the answer is less clear than most people would like. To make it easier to process the answer to the question this article is broken down into short, medium and long term answers.
This article was written with reference to European legislation in 2010.
Short term - on a wash by wash basis using an energy efficient tumble dryer will save you money. The average running cost of an A rated condenser dryer is around 60% of the running costs of a comparable G rated appliance. For a 5kg machine used 4 times a week this means you could end up saving around A�10 per year per energy rating. So an A rated appliance is A�10 cheaper to run than a B rated one and a B rated one is A�10 cheaper to run than a C rated one.
Medium term - as energy efficient tumble dryers are cheaper to run on a wash by wash basis this means that you can calculate whether their savings will offset the initial cost of buying a more expensive model (as energy efficient machines do tend to be more expensive). The average life span of a tumble dryer is around 8 years so over its lifetime an A rated appliance will be A�160 cheaper to run than a C rated one and A�240 cheaper to run than a D rated one. In theory this means that you should be able to make back the initial outlay however in reality A rated machines start at around A�500 whereas C rated models begin at A�180 meaning your machine would have to last 11 years before you even began to see a return on your investment.
Long term - When you start calculating the costs over the lifetime of multiple tumble dryers things start to get more complex. Sure in the medium term it makes sense to buy a cheaper appliance and save money on the running costs but with a lower price tag comes lower build quality. This is not always the case but there is reams of anecdotal evidence that points to the fact that the cheapest models of most white goods last a maximum of five years. Compare this to the 10 year warranty that manufacturers like LG give with the direct drive motors in their machines and you have an interesting conundrum. Yes the LG machine is twice as expensive as the cheaper model but it is also likely to last for twice as long and when you consider that it is probably more energy efficient than the other tumble dryer you could end up saving after all.

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