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1 Series is The Most Cost Effective BMW

by:GOWORLD     2020-08-30
1 Series is The Most Cost Effective BMW The BMW 1 Series is the entry level model for BMW. The new 1 series has even more gadgets than ever. It is packed with new BMW engines, huge choice of equipment and lots of personalization options. The 1 series rivals many big players of the industry like Audi A3, Mercedes A class and Golf MK7. The BMW 1 series is the only rear wheel drive car in its class and the new 100bhp 114i has made it more affordable to own a BMW. It is a fact that BMW 1series has always enjoyed an outstanding design and the latest model is no exception. The new looks are dominated by the latest 5 and 6 series, the front end boasts outspoken kidney grilles and big headlights. Overall it has a wide and sporty look thanks the lower wheel arches and a wider stance. Unlike the last version, the materials and plastics used inside the cabin are of high quality. The BMW hasn't cut the corners in using the leather and metal either. Like its predecessor, the new 1 series has many options in petrol and diesel engines. The 116i comes with a 136bhp 1.6 litre petrol and 118i with a 170bhp 1.6l. The 114i guise is 100bhp which costs less but compromises on speed. The top end M135i which does 0-60 mph in just 4.9 seconds. The diesels include a 2.0 litre 116d, 118d and 120d and a 1.6 litre for 116 Efficient Dynamics. The BMW 1 Series has been awarded with a five star Euro NCAP rating. Everyone knows about the reliability of the BMW cars, the last version of the 1 series faced very few recalls, therefore the new model is expected to be even more reliable. There are many high tech safety options offered by BMW including automatic braking to avoid collision and lane departure warning. The new 1 series is 85mm longer than the previous one, making more spacious than ever. The rear passengers will have 20 mm more leg room to themselves, though the transmission still runs through the hatch back. The boot is now 360 litres, 30 litres bigger than before- and has a very smart shape. The boot space can be increased to 1,200 litres on folding the seats flat. The new 1 series had many Efficient Dynamics tweaks which make it very economical to run. In fact, this is the BMW with the cheapest running costs. The 118i gives 48mpg with 137g/km of CO2 emissions, this figure are amazing for the performance. The 116 diesel Efficient Dynamics is capable of returning 74.mpg with 99g/km qualifying for the road tax exemption. Eco Pro mode comes as standard in 1 series for more economical driving. The new 1 series might not be the ultimate driving machine, going for it means you will have a BMW at your drive way for less.
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