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Budget for investment in opening a laundry

Budget for investment in opening a laundry


Seeing that the tourism market is becoming more and more favorable, many people want to invest in the washing industry, but the most concerned question is how much money it will cost to open a laundry. Today, I will introduce how much it will cost to open a laundry, so that the people who need to open a laundry can reasonably budget and make a good layout plan.

To open a laundry factory, we want to know how much the investment cost is. First, we need to determine the type of cloth and the daily washing workload, so that we can accurately calculate what washing equipment and auxiliary equipment we need. The total price of the investment budget can be calculated by summing up the unit price.

On the current market, Xiaobian has collected online quotations, such as 300w-1000w for laundry dragons and their units, 5w-15w for washing machines, 1.5w-10w for dryers, 3w-8w for cloth feeders, 5w-60w for ironing machines, and 10w-25w for folding machines. Due to different brands, different performances, different specifications, the price difference is large, This requires you to consult the manufacturer after determining the equipment you need to purchase.

Never tell the manufacturer who sells the equipment that I want to open a laundry and how much it will cost, so the manufacturer can't answer you.

Of course, if you want to be lazy, you can also directly tell the manufacturer the type of cloth you wash and the total amount of cloth you wash every day, so that the manufacturer can directly make a plan and quotation for you. However, not every manufacturer is so professional, and not every manufacturer can provide such services for free, so it is particularly important to find the right manufacturer at this time.

How to find the right manufacturer? In fact, there are three ways to find it. First, consult friends in the industry and ask them to recommend it to you. Second, I went to the surrounding washing plants to see which manufacturer produced the washing equipment they used, and also asked them how effective they were, whether they often had problems, and whether they could be solved in a timely manner after sales. Third, you can search the network to find the manufacturer, and then compare multiple manufacturers to determine the manufacturer you meet your requirements. Of course, if you have other methods, you can also use them as long as they are appropriate. Here are just a few ways to organize.

Finally, I would like to tell you what I know about the current market situation. The amount of laundry for hotel linen, regular hotels and 1000 sets of hotel linen is about 50w to 100w, depending on the brand and performance of the equipment, as well as the rental and repair costs of the factory buildings.

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