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Come on! 4-Roller Flatwork ironer with Folding Machine

Come on! 4-Roller Flatwork ironer with Folding Machine


Star hotel laundry room large equipment introduction:

The steam laundry flatwork ironing machine,its can saves energy when laundry flatwork ironing bed sheet and its output is safe,so environmentally friendly,and meets the national industrial equipment use standards. There are 1, 2, 3, 4 rollers can be selected as needed.

2.The sheet folding machine can be used in combination with a laundry flatwork ironing machine of more than 3 meters, and has an automatic folding integration function for the sheets or quilt covers, which can reduce working time and save labor costs.

The equipment in the picture is a 4-roller steam laundry flatwork ironing machine which works after connecting the folding machine, and the guest is checking the operation of the equipment then arrange to package.




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