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Common troubleshooting of washing equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-28
The following measures can be taken when the noise of the washing equipment is large: 1. Place the washing equipment steadily first, with four feet padded firmly, or with a layer of foam plastic; 2. Check the drainage system, especially the connection screws at the bottom of the fixed pull plate, etc. , and add a pad between the laundry bucket and the laundry box-2 pieces of foam plastic or corrugated cardboard. 3. If there is still a big noise after the above measures are implemented in place, immediately send it to the washing equipment manufacturer for maintenance and troubleshooting. If you find that the rotating speed of the washing machine and the washing equipment is slowing down or the rolling of the clothes is weakened, you can try to take out the underwear of the bucket first, and then re-evenly place it into the washing equipment drum. Or take out 1-2 pieces of clothing, see if the rotating speed in the barrel has become faster. If it is still invalid, first check whether the three-stage drive belt is loose. If the belt is loose, stick some black tape on the two wheels, or loosen the left and right screws on the motor support to move the motor support, after the triangle belt is tightened, tighten the screws. If the triangle belt can no longer be adjusted, the triangle belt or plastic pulley should be replaced. Water leakage occurred at the bottom of the washing equipment due to the following reasons: 1. The main shaft sealing ring failed and water seepage occurred in the center of the washing barrel. 2. Poor welding or poor enamel quality of the laundry bucket, local cracking, resulting in water seepage around the laundry bucket. 3, drainage pipe and drain valve connection don't tight industrial large washing machine rear drain valve accessory leakage. 4, drainage pipe external scratch, leakage. 5. In view of the causes of leakage of laundry equipment, corresponding measures should be taken, such as replacing the sealing ring of large washing machine of industrial washing equipment, blocking the weld with sealing filler, reinstalling the drain pipe and drain valve, and repairing the drain pipe.
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