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Goworld laundry equipment company activities

Goworld laundry equipment company activities


Under the increasingly fierce competition in laundry industry,FoShan Goworld laundry Equipment Co., Ltd always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "Quality Assurance,Credit First,Pursuit of Excellence",and constantly reforms and innovates to manufacture modern advanced level series of wet and dry washing equipment.

In the intense work,to enrich the staff's cultural life,improve the company's welfare,enhance communication between mployees,ease work pressure,achieve work and rest,and enhance team cohesion.Our lovely and charming boss thanked the staff for their hard work,and further motivated the team to enhance mutual solidarity and friendship,and hold multiple activities for the hard-working employees from time to time(tourism,employee party,competition)Create a family-like work atmosphere for the big guys.In this relaxed atmosphere,all employees of FoShan Goworld are more like relatives than friends.After getting a good job in the intense work,then go to relax and enjoy,the kind of pleasure and enjoyment is more happy life and high spirits.Dedicated to the user's heart and sincere commitment to the best benefits of users,is the mind and guidelines of FoShan Goworld laundry Equipment Co., Ltd.

All colleagues of Foshan Jiejihuang will continue to provide users with high-tech,high-quality washing machinery and dry cleaning equipment products.I believe that the FoShan Goworld will do better and better,there is no hard-to-do industrial washing machine,there is no hard-to-do dryer,all the brothers and sisters of the company will work harder to create more brilliant chievements!

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