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Hotel laundry room equipment automatic washing machine configuration

Hotel laundry room equipment automatic washing machine configuration


Description: Description: Because the hotel has different specifications, different grades and different number of rooms, we cannot choose our own laundry room equipment by referring to other hotel laundry room equipment. We need to understand the actual washing needs of our hotel to choose the appropriate laundry room equipment, then Today, let's talk about how to configure the automatic washing machine of hotel laundry room equipment.


Nowadays, the economy has become prosperous, the tourism industry has also developed rapidly, and the number of hotels has continued to increase. Many hotel laundry rooms need to build their own laundry rooms. However, because the specifications of the hotels are different, the grades and the number of rooms are different, so they cannot pass the Refer to other hotel laundry room equipment to choose our own laundry room equipment, we need to understand the actual washing needs of our hotel to choose the appropriate laundry room equipment, so today we will talk about how to configure the hotel laundry room equipment automatic washing machine. .


Hotel laundry equipment includes washing, drying, ironing and folding equipment. More advanced hotels will also be equipped with dry cleaning equipment. Washing equipment is the most basic and necessary equipment for hotel laundry rooms. Generally speaking, hotel laundry rooms use It is a fully automatic washing machine for washing. A few decades ago, most laundry rooms used a semi-automatic washing machine, that is, a horizontal washing machine. This type of laundry room equipment can only be used for washing. Dehydration cannot be performed by high-speed rotation, so it is necessary to equip a dehydrator. Now the popular automatic washing machine can perform washing and dehydration operations, which is very convenient.


So how to configure the automatic washing machine in the hotel laundry room? First of all, there are three kinds of automatic washing machines produced by Foshan GOWORLD washing equipment, namely suspension washing machine, fixed washing machine and isolation washing machine. These three automatic washing machines have their own advantages. One type of suspension washing machine has a suspension shock absorber system, so even if the linen of more than 100 kg is washed, it does not need to be installed on the foundation. The second type of fixed washing machine is more affordable and has a simpler structure, but the installation When it is necessary to lay a foundation and fix the washing machine on the ground, the third type of isolation washing machine is suitable for hospital laundry rooms, so it is recommended to choose a fully automatic suspension washing machine as the washing equipment for hotel laundry rooms.


After selecting the type of automatic washing machine for the hotel laundry room, you need to choose the appropriate capacity. The capacity of the automatic suspension washing machine ranges from 25 kg to 150 kg. Hotel laundry room equipment buyers can calculate before purchasing washing equipment. The number of kilograms that a good hotel needs to wash every day, and then divided by the daily working time (hours) of the hotel laundry room, then you can get how many kilograms of linen need to be washed every hour per day. The time to collect the linen is almost an hour, so by knowing the washing requirements for each hour it is possible to know how many kilograms of capacity a fully automatic suspension washer is needed.


If you need to know the details of the matching calculation method, you can read the matching case of hotel laundry room equipment (external link).


The hotel laundry room equipment is not the better the automatic washing machine with the larger configuration. Foshan GOWORLD washing equipment is recommended to be equipped with large and small washing equipment. For example, a hotel needs 300 kilograms of cloth for one hour of washing. Grass, then we do not recommend to match two 150 kg automatic washing machines, but it is better to match 150 kg, 100 kg and 50 kg automatic washing machines, which can prevent the use of large washing machines when the amount of washing is small. The waste of resources caused by the washing of the fully automatic washing machine of the capacity. If you have any purchase requirements for hotel laundry room equipment, you can leave a message and call (0757-83818225) to consult Foshan GOWORLD Washing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. We can make a hotel laundry room equipment matching plan according to your actual situation. Welcome everyone Come to consult and purchase.


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