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How can hotel laundry equipment cause motor overload?

How can hotel laundry equipment cause motor overload?


Description: Description: Many washing equipment failures are caused by the overloaded motor. So what can the hotel laundry staff do to overload the washing equipment motor?


The utilization rate of laundry room equipment in hotels is very high. It can be said that most of the laundry factory orders come from hotels and hotels. Now most hotels have begun to purchase washing equipment and build laundry rooms, but many washing equipment failures are due to overloaded motors. , So what do the hotel laundry staff do to overload the motor of the washing equipment?


Generally speaking, the frequency conversion motor of industrial washing machines runs relatively stable, and its load is also selected and installed according to the highest standard of washing capacity, but it cannot be guaranteed that the hotel laundry room will not fail during use. If the laundry room is washed with water The following situations occur in the equipment, indicating that the motor may be overloaded.


1. The industrial washing machine emits obvious vibration and loud noise during operation.

2. The washing drum spins down or stops spinning.

3. The hotel laundry room equipment has obvious heating phenomenon.


There are many hotel laundry staff who keep stuffing linen into the washing equipment in order to save the washing time. Not to mention what effect this has on the washing effect and cleanliness, if the type of linen in the drum exceeds the rated washing capacity, it will cause The overloaded operation of industrial washing machines will shorten the service life of the motor in the long run. This is the main reason why some hotel laundry room equipment needs to be repaired after a few years. Therefore, it is recommended that the hotel laundry room staff must operate according to the instructions for use of the washing equipment.


There is also a reason that the motor of the washing equipment is overloaded. The voltage of the hotel laundry room is unstable. When the voltage of the laundry room is reduced, the motor cannot generate enough force to pull the washing drum to rotate, which will cause the rotation speed of the washing drum to drop or stop rotating. The phenomenon.


Therefore, the hotel laundry room equipment must read the instructions and precautions before operation, avoid putting excessive linen on the drum, and check whether the voltage of the laundry room is stable before the equipment is installed and used. After purchasing the laundry room equipment in Foshan GOWORLD Washing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., there is a door-to-door installation guidance service, so that every laundry room can quickly get started.


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