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How is the laundry room equipment laid out?

How is the laundry room equipment laid out?


Description: When purchasing laundry room equipment, many manufacturers will formulate a plan for customers, which not only includes the recommendation of the type and quantity of laundry room equipment, but also formulates a layout plan of the laundry room through on-the-spot inspection, so let's talk about it today. How should the laundry room equipment be arranged?


Now most industries in the society have built their own large-scale laundry rooms, so when purchasing laundry room equipment, many manufacturers will formulate a plan for customers, which not only includes the recommendation of the type and quantity of laundry room equipment, but also formulates a plan through on-the-spot inspection. The layout plan of the laundry room, so let's talk about how the laundry room equipment should be laid out today?


Generally speaking, different industries have different layout methods. For example, the layout of hotel laundry room equipment will divide the laundry room into washing area, drying area, ironing area, dry cleaning area, etc. For the convenience of operation, the layout of these washing areas Laundry room operating procedures will be installed for layout. The normal operation process of hotel laundry room equipment is that the dirty linen needs to be sorted at the beginning, so the area near the entrance of the laundry room is generally laid out as a linen receiving area, which is responsible for sorting, soaking, weighing and other washing. Pre-treatment work, and then the next area is the washing area, where all industrial washing machines and laundry room washing equipment are placed. This area should be installed with water inlet and drainage, and next to the washing area is the drying area, which is convenient for linen washing. It is then transported to the dryer for drying. The ironing area is generally located in the middle of the laundry room because of its large footprint, while the dry cleaning area is next to the entire wet cleaning area. The equipment includes dry cleaning machines, ironing machines, Stain removal machine, suction ironing table, etc.


For a laundry room with high washing requirements like a hospital laundry room, it needs to be divided into a clean area and a polluted area, and the required washing equipment is also different, but the layout principle of the laundry room equipment is basically the same, and the layout is reasonable. It is determined by the convenience of the staff to operate. A well-laid laundry room can greatly improve the efficiency of washing, so pay attention to the overall layout before purchasing laundry room equipment.



How to maintain hotel laundry equipment in wet weather?

Column:Company news Time:2022-9-21


Key words:hotel laundry room equipment maintenance


Description: In the past March, April and May, Guangdong also ushered in the wettest weather, with drizzle raining almost every day. Many hotel laundry rooms also responded that operating industrial washing machines in such humid weather would not Impact on machines and washing? Now let Foshan GOWORLD Washing Machinery talk about how to maintain the laundry room in wet weather to better improve the washing quality.


Hazards of wet weather to hotel laundry equipment:

1. The moisture content in the humid air is high, and the temperature also begins to rise. When the high-temperature water vapor contacts the low-temperature industrial washing machine, it will condense to form liquid water. When moisture adheres to the circuit of the device may cause a short circuit.


2. These condensed water may adhere to some insulating materials of the machine, which may reduce the insulation resistance and increase the current, which may cause the insulation materials to be broken down.


3. The parts in the laundry room equipment are corroded in the humid and heavy air, thus losing their proper performance.


4. The number of molds multiplying very fast in humid weather. These molds secrete pickling substances on the machine parts. Parts are less accurate or even useless. For washing linen, it will be more prone to mildew in wet weather and reduce the service life.


Wet weather maintenance recommendations for hotel laundry equipment:

1. Remember to drain all the accumulated water every time the laundry room equipment is used up, the washing machine door should be kept open, and the washing machine drum should be kept dry.


2. The hotel laundry room should be built in a dry location, and try to avoid placing washing equipment in wet places


3. Regularly refuel and maintain the gear bearings to prevent corrosion in wet weather


4. If the equipment is not used for a long time, the machine should be covered with a cloth to prevent humid air from entering the electrical box of the machine, and try to keep the hotel laundry room clean and tidy.


5. Remember to disconnect the power supply and close all water inlet valves after use every day to prevent accidents.


In the wet weather of March, April and May, hotel laundry rooms should pay attention to regular maintenance of the machine and keep the laundry room dry, so as to reduce the aging of the machine and improve the working efficiency of the laundry room equipment.

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