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In the hot summer should do well in the hotel laundry equipment maintenance work

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-17

summer for hotel laundry equipment due to the fabric processing are relatively thin and light intensity in his work on winter relatively smaller, but use frequency is higher, and is affected by the climate in summer and natural environment, often there will be some other seasons is not easy to appear the problem such as bacterial growth, so in order to ensure our hotel laundry equipment efficiency, hotel laundry equipment manufacturer to remind the broad masses of users should do the following work.

1, do laundry internal environmental management work, for hotel laundry equipment to create a comfortable working environment, we should do a good job in the laundry room ventilation and drainage for hotel laundry equipment working in a dry, ventilation, drainage and fluent work environment.

2, in order to promote the hotel laundry equipment fabric wash clean rate, reduce the hotel laundry equipment internal bacteria, prevent mildew and bacterium in hotel laundry equipment internal change regularly, we adopt the scientific method to clean hotel laundry equipment sterilization work.

3, the high frequency of work environment to ensure the normal operation of hotel laundry equipment we should improve the hotel laundry equipment maintenance frequency, strengthen the intensity of hotel laundry equipment maintenance, focus our hotel laundry equipment inspection and internal components of lubrication, prevent hotel laundry equipment caused by the special season relationship inside appear rusty phenomenon.

4, due to the relatively humid and hot summer we should regularly check the hotel laundry equipment fittings and various power supply part, prevent the hotel laundry equipment internal wiring short circuit, leakage, and so on and so forth.

5, a day after use the hotel laundry equipment is to use clean cloth to the hotel laundry equipment outside of the tube, inner tube to wipe, prevent the residual water damage, stains on the hotel laundry equipment is caused erode, at the same time, should clean up the hotel laundry equipment box carrying bag, detergent.

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