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It is worth referring to the method of how to reasonably plan the layout of the workshop when opening a washing plant

It is worth referring to the method of how to reasonably plan the layout of the workshop when opening a washing plant


I want to open a washing plant but I don't know how to plan the equipment layout in the plant. I don't know who to consult. I also worry about the unreasonable equipment layout designed by the other party, but I don't know how to judge whether the other party's design is reasonable. This must be the difficulty encountered by most bosses who want to open a washing plant. Today, Xiao Bian will discuss with you how to reasonably plan the layout of the workshop for a washing plant.

To plan the reasonable layout of the plant, we need to make these preparations first. 1. Specify the type of cloth washing business that you want to carry out, whether it is hotel cloth or hospital cloth, or cloth for work clothes or trains. Of course, some washing plants do not carry out the washing business exclusively. In this case, you should also take full account of it. The amount of washing for different linen each day. Suppose that you not only wash the hotel linen, but also need to wash the employee's work clothes, then you should count how many sets of hotel linen and work clothes are among the linen you wash every day. This is very important because the equipment you use may vary depending on the cloth you wash.

2. Determine the equipment you need to purchase. One principle for determining the number of equipment is to first determine the main equipment and then calculate the auxiliary equipment. The main equipment to open a washing plant is washing equipment, including water washing machines, dry cleaning machines, dryers, ironers, cloth feeders and folding machines. The equipment selected for the washing machine will be different according to the different cloth to be washed, such as washing dragon, inclined washing machine, washing machine, isolated washing machine, etc. For different washing volume, the required quantity will be different. Generally, if you do not calculate the number of equipment to be used, you can directly contact the manufacturer who sells the washing equipment. The salesperson of the manufacturer will usually configure a reasonable washing scheme for you according to the washing amount and the type of cloth washing you provide. If you want to do it yourself, it is certainly possible. Due to the limited space, this calculation method will be introduced in the next article.

3. Determine the area of the plant you need to rent. After calculating the equipment, you can ask the manufacturer to calculate the area of the plant you need to rent for the installation of these equipment, including the workers' operating space. However, this data is only for reference, because the shape of the plane layout of the factory you rent will also affect the actual use efficiency of your factory. Generally, the area required by regular factories will be smaller than that required by irregular factories. When you rent a factory, you can determine whether it is suitable for use in two ways. First, ask the owner or intermediary of the factory you rent for the layout of the factory. Second, you can measure the size yourself and draw it by hand, including the middle pillar and other obstacles. After that, give the washing equipment manufacturer you want to purchase, and let them carefully calculate the area and use effect of the workshop for you to see whether the workshop you rent is enough. It should be noted here that the lease of factory buildings can only be larger than the calculation, not smaller. It is a problem to expand when it is big, let alone expand when it is small. However, it can not be unlimited. In the case of your ability and need, it can be appropriately large. Otherwise, the rent cost is too high, which will directly reduce the profit margin of your washing plant.

After all the above are confirmed, you don't need to worry about the rationality of the layout of the washing plant. At this time, you just need to do the following: sign a promising factory lease contract, determine the washing equipment manufacturers to be purchased, and then let them make a reasonable and detailed layout for your washing plant. After you get the detailed layout, you can arrange the decoration. Next, you need to purchase equipment for installation. Here, I want to emphasize that you must determine the company that purchases the equipment to make a detailed layout for you. Because each washing equipment manufacturer produces equipment with different dimensions and functions, the layout design drawings will also be different. In this way, if problems occur in the midway or in later use, they can also be solved well.

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