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Our Team

           Autumn is cool, gentle and pleasant! It is a good season for traveling and making friends!In this good season,GOWORLD laundry machine factory organized an exciting autumn tourism,which is a beautiful life!

           GOWORLD laundry equipment factory has been manufacturing in the washing machine industry for more than 30 years,from the semi-industrial washing machine to the fully-automatic washer extractor,commercial washing machine, industrial dryer, etc. It is a qualitative leap,and the newly developed heat-conducting oil gas-type ironing machine can meet the needs of your laundry room!

           The autumn tour makes all the staff happy, there are elegant walking tours, glass bridges that are adventurous and exciting, mobile games that like to be excited, talk much,but where ?-Gaoming Yingxiang Ecological Park, located in Gaoming District, Foshan City,now I will attach some wonderful moments of this tour to you! 

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