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Principles for formulating working system of washing equipment enterprises

by:GOWORLD     2020-02-29
First, responsible for all kinds of clothing, towels, cleaning, disinfection, manufacturing, repair, drying, hot equal pay for equal work to restore gauze, to ensure the needs of medical and nursing work. Second, the product inventory and washing items are separately established, personnel management, loading and unloading process, strict waste and strict procedures, the use of waste to bring new, the content of the account is consistent. Cover scrap should be certified, together with the approval of the old general affairs section. Third, strict washing raw material receiving procedures, that piece of material, save materials, water, electricity, steam. Fourth, contaminated clothes should be disinfected and classified in time, cleaned, dried, ironed and folded to do a good job of supply. Any damaged clothes should be filled in later. The problem of making clothes is not broken and wet. Five, stick to the sending System, please check the clothes sent and received, laundry equipment is used to send and receive documents at any time to prevent any errors. Clothing supply is sufficient, do not spend IOU department. Six, strict operation process and washing classification system to prevent cross infection. Make isolation clothing from the patient's clothing, gynecology, pediatrics and other patients to separate clothing, colored and colorless clothing, cotton fiber. Seven, strengthen the washing machine, responsible for maintenance. Mechanical operators should be familiar with the performance of the equipment and not be overloaded or idling. The relevant personnel shall be reported to repair the machine in a timely manner. Ordinary personnel are not allowed to repair and protect accidents without authorization. Eight new costumes are made, and the sewing team is responsible for the ground (Except isolation gown) And old clothes maintenance work, can not let the new products, for overseas processing approval general affairs section, can not repair the old products scrap procedures time. , Nine, no private cleaning, maintenance, making clothes. Ten, keep clean and sanitary, workshop, workshop adhere to the transfer form weekend cleaning system.
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