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Start a Hotel in Delhi

by:GOWORLD     2020-05-30
If you are planning on starting a business and looking for ideas, someone is bound to suggest opening a hotel in Delhi. Reason is simple -Tours & travel is skyrocketing. In 2010 alone, 940 million people worldwide visited another country. That's a room occupancy of nearly a billion! Sounds like a lucrative business. Fact is more and more people are opening small touristy businesses like a restaurant or resort. Opening a hotel in Delhi is no exception. If you feel the hotel industry is your forte, be wary of romantic ideas as running even a small hotel in Delhi can be a merry go round. And hotels in Delhi, which already number in thousands, come in all possible shapes, sizes, costs and facilities. The competition is mind-blowing. But for good hotels with solid credentials the sky is the limit. First identify the type of property you wish to run. Hotels are different from other types of investments due to daily occupancy and revenue fluctuations. Project feasibility includes site selection, demand versus supply, cost estimates etc followed by actual construction, layout, room designs, furnishings, the lounge and kitchen and house-keeping and laundry equipment; energy management, food and beverage; lock and keys, security, audiovisual systems, telephones, computerized systems down to the linen and china ; plus licenses, insurance, pricing and recruiting personnel. Pre-publicity is important for which timing is all important. As per one expert 'the trick is to talk about it and have something to show for it almost immediately - customers have short attention spans and if you start talking about something six months before it is available, people lose interest.' Any hotel in Delhi knows that to thrill and not just satisfy the palate will put it in the top ten or top hundred list. The sky is the limit to explore delicacies. There are hotels in Delhi at every footstep with in-house coffee shops and gourmet restaurants, classy bars and barbeques. Whatever class unit you may be running, the bottom line is that when guests pay the bill, they want to have the feeling that it's been good value. The foundation of your brand new hotel in Delhi will be the goodwill of your guest - without it, no hotel inDelhi has a future. And one must consistently meet the customers expectations. Did they get the meals they asked for and were told they would get ? Was the car rental a satisfying sojourn or a tolerable journey? The basic USP of any hotel in Delhi is the energy and confidence of its staff. If the frontline staff speak an international language like English then it's icing on the cake, not to mention demonstrating confidence in dealing with unforeseen situations. For many opening a hotel in Delhi is a pipe dream. So go ahead, apply all those money pads to hop onto this multi-billion dollar international bandwagon which can be fun too, like the fun on a roller coaster ride. Start a hotel in Delhi.
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