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What you need to start a laundry, laundry equipment

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-21

a lot of investors to join the dry cleaners, there is a misunderstanding, is that only need a dry cleaners can open a shop is not. Join the dry cleaner is actually need a dry cleaning equipment, so a set of dry cleaning equipment have? A dry cleaner set how many money? Dry cleaners costs mainly include store rent, personnel wages and dry cleaning equipment prices, etc. , including dry cleaning equipment accounts for larger, while dry washer is the top priority in the dry cleaning equipment, its price is also the main part of the total expenses covered. Therefore, the choose and buy of dry cleaners is dry cleaners investors more attention. Underneath, small make up there and talk to you a set of dry cleaning equipment? How much is it?

open a dry cleaners need a full set of equipment generally include: green dry cleaners, vacuum blower ironing machine, scouring, clothing transmission line, clothing, packaging machine, washing machine, dryer, Optional) , cashier software. Among them, the dry cleaners must be environmentally friendly, this is related to national policy. Market in a dry cleaners were tens of thousands of low price, and can achieve high tens or even hundreds of thousands of, price difference is great, so investors in choosing a dry cleaners don't impulse, just after careful careful consideration. Dry cleaning equipment which is good? Emphasize the choose and buy of dry cleaners, because the quality of the dry washer is very important to a dry cleaner, directly affect the quality of dry cleaners cleaning and long development. So investors in the choose and buy of equipment when you first see the quality of the product, on the premise of quality assurance in the price, so that to avoid because of the quality problem of the equipment and the subsequent series of open a shop business problems.

dry cleaners are greatly influenced by the brand, the price of the dry cleaning brand quality is uneven, its nature of equipment quality is greatly different. A dry cleaner set how many money? A lot of dry cleaning brand interests lie in the dry cleaning equipment sales, so a few small companies or even to buy other brands of equipment, branded secondary sales to investors, its price is more expensive. And the equipment quality guarantee, the washing effect is general, it is easy to lead to failure. For dry cleaners investment novice, want to choose to have a reliable guarantee of equipment should choose a high quality dry cleaning franchise brand to join, brand dry cleaning will not only provide investors with perfect equipment configuration scheme, more assured on the quality of the equipment and after-sales, and equipment price is favorable, cost-effective.

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