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Methods And Standards For Effective Carpet Cleaning

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-16
Most of us remain in illusion that merely brushing the carpets helps in cleaning it. But we must understand that the carpets are thick items and most of the dirt sediments in its thickness, thus making it almost impossible to be removed through brushing. The thicker the carpet, greater are the chances that the dirt will remain diffused through it. In fact, carpet cleaning is a job in itself and it can be achieved through several ways as prescribed by the IICRC. Let us sneak through these methods and standards practiced by professional carpet cleaners. Shampooing This involves the usage of shower fed rotary brush scrubber. A solution containing the cleansing shampoo is fed into this scrubber andit dispenses the solution during the cleaning process. This helps in removing the sediments thus deposited on the carpet. Bonnet Cleaning A pump sprayer is used in this method that sprays the water-based solution (containing the cleansing agent) on the carpet and simultaneously, a clean pad also known as bonnet is rotated over the carpet. The soil and dirt gets transferred to the pad and bonnet. This method is also extensively used in ' Dry Cleaning'. Dry Particle Method A dry carrier also known as a corn husk, is held above the carpet and the required solvent is applied. A powder is applied on the surface of the particle and vacuum cleaner is applied to the carpet that helps in collating the dust and carpet soil. Steam Cleaning A cleaning machine capable of infusing hot water to the carpet surface taking the help of rows of inline sprayers is mounted on a truck or other movable item. The extract is collected with the usage of suction port in a holding tank. To achieve the best results, it becomes important to apply vacuum cleaners to the carpets, as it is believed that 80% of the carpet soils contain the dry particles. Removing them before applying the aforementioned techniques is highly prescribed for carpet cleaners by IICRC. You can clean the carpet but you will need a professional's assistance to achieve an immaculate cleaning.
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