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Hotel linen washing equipment using the dangers of hard water washing

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-11

grass cloth washing machines wash many of them are in the process of using water, in the process of washing, the hardness of water quality plays a very important role. Hard water is contain a certain amount of calcium, magnesium, iron, aluminum and manganese carbonate substances such as water, and washing perspective, it contains the dangers of these impurities on the washing is very large. Here is to understand the linen laundry equipment manufacturer of washing equipment.

, influence linen laundry equipment wash effect: the calcium and magnesium ions in hard water deposits on fabric, make the white fabric produces grey phenomenon, affecting the white degree and feel, make the dark color fabric colour, bright feeling lost, and feels rough. Iron in the form of ionic compounds or ions in the water, if the heating water washing fabrics, will form the rust, is deposited on the fabric become some brown spots, also can make whole yellow white fabric, make the brilliant color fabric color light and other iron in water, in the bleaching stage, if a local iron exists in the fabric, catalytic hypochlorite or strong decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, make local oxidation reaction caused by severe fabric damage.

second, detergent and effective function is reduced, the calcium and magnesium ions in hard water and detergent surfactants in the union, can generate metal salts, loss of surfactant vitality, detergent should be can't display performance, reduces the main functions of the detergent.

the 3rd, can't remove the dirt on the fabric: the calcium and magnesium ions in the water can be combined with detergent in material, produce sediment. Calcium ions can make some dirt after washing is still cleave on clothing, down fiber pores and capillary, hiding inside the fiber gap, influence of colored dirt removal.

4, fabrics and service life of fabric appearance: hard water can make bright clothes fabric color becomes dark, reduce the white fabric whiteness, time grew, the colour and lustre of fiber will be damaged, color will be changed. On silk, wool fabric can appear more, become fragile, broken, to reduce the fastness, stiff, shortens the clothing fabrics, lost the original softness of life such as greater risks.

so, grass cloth washing equipment using hard water washing is brings a lot of trouble and harm is very big also. Grass cloth laundry equipment manufacturers therefore recommend laundry equipment to appropriate improvement when washing washing conditions, such ability of washing to get better washing effect.

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