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The hotel laundry equipment reasonable apply, ensure the quality of washing clothes

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-03

hotel laundry equipment because of the high washing efficiency, cover an area of an area small, delicate appearance and washed many advantages such as excellent performance is currently used in hotel, the guesthouse, hotel, etc. Generally speaking, hotels and other industries need washing items are mostly for the table cloth, bedding, sofa sets, chair cover, etc. , whether the correct washing method are the important factors influencing the clothes washing quality fit and unfit quality. That should be how to use the hotel laundry equipment to wash these clothes? The hotel laundry equipment manufacturers with everyone together to look at.

hotel laundry washing items are mostly white or light color cotton cloth, because the cotton cloth itself has strong flexibility and water absorption, and combined with linen items easily infected with oily be soiled, beverage, vegetable juice, grease stain type is more complicated, so will give scouring and washing work due to certain difficulties. In order to make the hotel laundry equipment better washing clothes, before we use the hotel laundry equipment, need according to the actual circumstance of linen to make the right scouring method, and then washing will be more efficient.

in order to ensure the quality of the clothes washing, before we use the hotel laundry equipment, first of all, should will wash objects in the correct classification, the classification can be defiled with according to the type of stain or material objects, and then the stain in accordance with the relevant physical properties to make effective scouring solution, and reasonably set up the hotel laundry equipment washing procedure, in the premise of guarantee to remove stains more reduce the harm of linen items.

in addition, the setting of water temperature is important factors affecting the quality of hotel linen items of washing, 40 degrees Celsius is generally better water temperature, water temperature too high or too low all households will affect washing linen quality, therefore, we need to pay special attention to when using hotel laundry equipment.

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