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Hotel linen washing machines wash

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-14

today is to give us the most widely encountered in the process of washing some doubt: hotel linen washing machines wash: intensity is reduced, the intensity is refers to the hotel linen cloth fiber patience is reduced, brief torn apart. Its reason in the process of washing temperature is too high, dosage of bleach overruns; Water level is too low a cloth grass hard strain; Rinse completely, cloth grass residue a lot of washing liquid; Chemical products mix, interact. Hotel linen washing machines wash: the damage and fracture, injuries or broken serious cloth grass, to timely invalid assumptions into the hotel, will seriously affect the customer to the image of the hotel and the attention degree.

bleach using excessive bleaching process, uniform or not; When in the washing powder haven't reconcile with warm water, led to spots, cloth grass cloth grass, excessive around and tear occurred during laundry equipment, hotel linen laundry equipment wash: generic grey cloth grass main reason: white fabric, linen washing the coma ash, mainly some residual material of adsorption on the fabric. There are a variety of reasons, such as detergent formulation, data quality, production skills, washing skills, etc. Specific questions to analyze. Usually according to the condition of existing skills, most situation will appear in gray, grey just cycle length and different levels. For this kind of scene, usually choose deashing treatment in time, to ensure that white fabric whiteness, cleanliness, gloss. Hotel linen washing machines wash: yellow main reason: after cleaning dehydration unclean, in the above will constitute the basic chemical residues; Residual chlorine bleaching, the cotton fibre in some damage, plus the dehydration is not net, such a form on the cotton fiber residue; Protein stain with chlorine bleaching processing, not clean clean, as some in the chain of hotels, restaurants, hotels have their washing company, experience in the washing cost is saved, but assumes that cannot be an excellent washing skills to manage the hotel linen laundry equipment, appeared a lot of damage to doubt, will be greatly delayed the hotel's actions; Assuming we can according to the summary for everyone hotel linen laundry equipment washing method and the matters needing attention, fully perform well, believe in your hotel, restaurant, hotel will no longer for linen washing problem with.

grass cloth washing commonly used material is washing powder, recommend use laundry detergent is very good, of course, no residue, a good stretch linen, yellow linen is not prone to ashes. Regular linen washing method: washing powder, bleach ( White water, hydrogen peroxide) , softener, neutralizer, Neutral detergent, alkaline and bleaching effect) Have a temperature than cold water wash wash effect is much better. Oil pollution is much emulsifier, also a minority. Now a lot of people now simplify the process of washing, use laundry detergent + bleach, towel add softener is done. This is also a linen washing the easy way.

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