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Pass-through Commercial Dishwashers

by:GOWORLD     2020-06-13
In just a few short hours, catering establishments such as restaurants, cafes and canteens can accumulate masses of dirty equipment, crockery and cutlery. Of course, it is vital that these items are cleaned quickly in order to prepare for the next day or even the next sitting something that an average domestic dishwasher simply cannot handle, let alone a kitchen porter armed with a bowl full of soapy water. Fortunately, one online retailer specialises in the supply of quality commercial dishwasher solutions, which are ideal for use in commercial kitchens. Browsing their website business owners will see a range of commercial standard washers that are tailored for use in various parts of their business, from glasswashers for the bar and dishwashers for the kitchen, to clothes washers for the restaurant's laundry. Those looking for a dishwasher that can sustain its efficiency in even the most demanding of environments will find their selection of pass-through dishwashers ideal for them. They supply a variety of these dishwashers from some of the leading international brand such as, Flagor, Classeq, Halcyon and Maidaid. Pass-through washers generate a high-output, meaning that they are suitable for busy restaurants with a large amount of equipment to turnover in a short space of time. Utilising the crates that are supplied with the machines, kitchen porters can effectively load and pass the dirty catering equipment through the washer in just minutes. With capacities that range from 800 plates per hour and wash cycle times of just 60 seconds, these washers really are ideal for catering establishments of all sizes that are looking to make their kitchen more efficient. In addition to the machines, the retailer also has a wide range of cleaning accessories available to purchase online. These accessories include, dishwasher chemicals, hoses, dosing pumps, baskets and work surfaces for this area of the kitchen. For further details regarding the commercial dishwasher solutions that this company provides, take a look at their website. Alternatively, a member of their team would be more than happy to discuss the products within their range, just fill out their online contact form to request a call-back.
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