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- hotel laundry equipment Hotel linen clean tips

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-03

the sheets at a big hotel, hotel guest room, every day to change, so how do you wash room sheet cleaner? Here hotel laundry equipment manufacturers to share the hotel linen clean tips.

1, soak. As we all know, the guesthouse, the hotel sheet is for the benefit of all people, these people, some are exquisite, some are more casual and some shoeshine with a sheet, a sheet alone make dirty. In the face of these, when washing sheets with hotel laundry equipment, will soak, before washing, into the cold water to wash of 2, 3 minutes, its purpose is to make the sheets on the dirt adhesion strength between the fiber and fabric is destroyed, create favorable conditions for the next step of washing. This can not only save detergents, as well as to rinse. Note (with prewash time shoulds not be too long, the stand or fall of soaking, directly related to the whole hotel laundry equipment washing effect plays an important role. Don't be ignored.

2. Machine wash. Is to use the hotel laundry laundry equipment, machine wash is an important link of the whole washing process, either use a common dryer, or a large laundry equipment, must according to the structure and fiber properties of clothing fabrics, choose suitable detergent, master appropriate washing temperature, control the accurate washing time and speed of class, in ensuring that the sheets are not damaged at the same time, achieve the goal of decontamination. In the process of water washing, washed by hand and machine wash is complementary, through the combination of the two, good washing effect can be achieved.

3, rinse and dehydration. Hotel laundry equipment of rinsing the purpose is to make more final separation sheets with detergent. Appropriately raise the temperature of rinse water, can improve the solubility of detergent, can make the detergent and a more thorough from the clothes as soon as possible. Actually is through the combination of rinse and dehydration are repeatedly alternates.

4, drying and drying. Sheet after hotel laundry equipment washing drying process. If drying is not completely dry, until dry bed sheets. After wash the sheets to neatly stacked, in disinfection disinfection cabinet that is put in the special disinfection good sheet to provide for the use of the guest.

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