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How washing equipment maintenance?

by:GOWORLD     2020-11-12

industrial washing machine models and match different price will be as device.

industrial washing machine is how to maintain?

industrial washing machine is a kind of mechanical equipment, laundry equipment and other mechanical equipment, therefore to long-term care and maintenance, industrial washing machine if discontinued for a long time, must first rule out water, maintain industrial washing machine drum internal dry, and dry processing.

industrial washing machine is a kind of electric machinery, so the washing equipment should be kept in dry places, no corrosive to avoid rust washing equipment in electrical components or other parts, cause the loss of insulation performance, even damage the laundry equipment.

industrial washing machine may not have oil when buying, should give industrial washing machine wave wheel shaft key parts such as oil, in order to prevent rust. if long time you will not need to boot run once every few months, to prevent the weather be affected with damp be affected with damp, can avoid unused for a long time and cause failure.

industrial washing machine in addition to do not put in direct sunlight place, from direct sunlight for a long time, can cause fading and plastic parts.

long stored washing equipment can cover cloth cover or film, in order to avoid too much dust, maintain a clean and tidy industrial washing machine is light one of the main factors and prolong life.

after more, in addition to the daily maintenance and cleaning of industrial washing machine is also very important, washing equipment includes filters, pipes, liquid storage system and heat exchange system, electrical and washing equipment inside and outside clean.

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